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A few years have passed since the original Thermalright Silver Arrow made its debut, At the time it was a true master piece and had  set a new baseline for the  other heatsinks manufacturers. It was often pitted against it’s only real rival at the time the Noctua NH-D14.  Since it’s release a surge of other manufacturers have produced their own dual tower coolers, often still falling short of the standard Thermalright produced.

However since  it’s launch  we’ve had a  wave of AIO watercooling units. Which really shook up the industry, theirs so many variations and different takes on CPU cooling now, after laying dormant for some time. In 2012 Thermalright struck back with SilverArrow SB-E at around the same time the Phanteks PH-TC14PE appeared and so began another rivalry…Now we have a refresh once again in  the form of the SB-E Extreme , The older TY-140′s have been replaced with 2x TY-143 PWN fans which sport some very funky colours. Thermalright hope to take back the crown once again, as producing the best Air cooler on the market.

Today will be seeing how well it can tame our Haswell test system. Up next specifications




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